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We currently offer pasture raised chicken, pork, duck and eggs. Pasture raised holiday turkeys will be available soon. In addition to rotated pasture our animals receive locally milled Non-GMO grain. We also hope to provide grass-fed lamb next year. Please feel free to contact us with any questions.  


Smoked Bacon - SOLD OUT


Pork Chops Bone-In - $10/lb… 2 per pack(1.3-2lb)


Spare Ribs - $7/lb…(1.5-2lb)


Boston Butt Roast - $6/lb… (3-4lb) for pulled pork

Scrapple - $7/lb…(1lb pack)

Sausages - $8 - 1lb packages

  • Sage Breakfast Link - Sold out

  • Sage Rope Link

  • Sage Loose

  • Sweet Italian Loose

  • Spicy Italian Griller Links

  • Spicy Bratwurst Links

  • Ground Pork Loose - Sold out


Whole - $4.75/lb. 4-5lb

Half - $5/lb.

Skinless Breast - $11/lb.

Tenders - $11/lb. 8 per pack

Wings - $6/lb. 8 per pack

Leg Quarters - $6/lb 

Livers/Hearts - $3 (.5lb pack)

Backs for broth - $5 (2 backs)

     Eggs - $5/dozen

  Duck - Sold Out

until Spring 2020

Whole - $7.50/lb

Half - $7.75/lb

Holiday Turkey  

 SOLD OUT 2019


Our Buyers Club is a mutually benefical purchase option. Unlike traditional CSA formats, the Buyers Club allows you to support our farm mission with cash flow and allows you to purchase what you want when you want.