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Family Farm

As we begin our partnership with this land we shall grow our farm with an appreciation of natures intended uses in mind. To protect our environment, produce a clean high quality product, and provide an enriched life for our animals is the goal.  
Back in 2013 Vicki and I moved into a house on land that good friends own, and our farming life began.  We had the privilege of co-founding Trailbale Farm in Tampa, FL with the Malloy family.  We turned an eight acre business plot into a healthy food producing living system.  We all learned organically as we grew, using Polyface farm like systems: laying hens, broilers, goats/sheep, holiday turkeys and sometimes pigs.  We tried rabbits for a few years but they didn't pan out.   

We relocated to Tracy's Landing, MD in August 2018 to share a home with family and start a farm of our own.  

Vicki - Gradin - Dave

Pasture raised local chicken
Pasture raised local lamb
Pasture raised local turkey
Pasture raised local pork
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